Product overview:

Automated Catwalk Machine transfers pipe from pipe racks to location on drill floor that allows top drive elevator to pick pipe up without manual intervention. The automated system eliminates the need for manual handling of tubulars. V2 Catwalk system are among the most modern European modular Catwalk Pipehandling system designed to meet the special requirements of the European market.

The V2 Catwalk System has CE equipment, HAZOP risk assessment, is API or DIN EN and ATEX-certified and built in compliance with the latest European regulations.

Specification overview:

Independent multifunctional Truck mounted Knuckle Boom crane
Hydraulic Trailer Mounted Catwalk
Self-contained diesel engine driven hydraulic power unit
Max. Rig Floor Height(s)- 4-45 Feet
Required Hydraulic Supply- 2,500 psi, 40 GPM
Maximum Tubular Length: 45 feet with Trough Extension (Range 3)
Adjustable rising time: 20~45 secondsĀ 
Adjustable descending time: 20~45 seconds
Hydraulic Trailer Mounted Catwalk that can be pulled with a 2 5/16 5th wheel ball or king pin making this unit highly mobile and easy to set up.
Design Safety factor to DNV E101
Unique clamp design to eliminate tubular swingingwhile lifted
Control panel can be installed on trailer head or any preferred location
Hydraulic Stabilizing Systems with hydraulic outriggers.


Reduces the cost of wellsite interventions
Reduces human interface
CE marked and built to DNV standards
No overhead cables or rigging
Eliminates the safety concerns associated with conventional laydown machines.
Multi purpose Knuckle boom crane
Automated processes
Smoother, more consistent and efficient pipe handling
Highly efficient pipe movement