Product overview:

The V2 Catwalk is Hydraulic Pipe Handler, which will be used in conjunction with the Drilling Rig and Service Rig Industry. The V2 Catwalk contains all necessary equipment to facilitate the transportation of tubulars from the pipe-rack level to drill-floor in a safe and controlled manor and return to the same. The V2 Catwalk is designed for rough handling, easy maintenance and a long trouble free operation time.

V2 is powered Catwalk, can be manipulated from driller room, or can be manipulated via separate console catwalk. The products are mainly used to rig delivery diameter ranging from 2 7/8 ~ 20in drill pipe, drill collars and sleeves. Powered Catwalk stent delivery device is also equipped with a means of transportation equipment support, the product can be transported to the rig drilling tools and equipment.

Specification overview:

“Universal” Hydraulic Catwalk “Semi-Automatic” Plus Pipe Tail-in/out arm
2 modules - Belt or Skate Conveyor and Main frame c/w Tubular elevator
Tubular elevator lifts multiple tubular
PLC operated Hard wired remote panel c/w Safety System
Max. Conveyor handling Capacity- 10,000 lbs. 2-3/8” to 20” Casing
Max. Conveyor Storage Capacity- 20,000 lbs.
Max. Rig Floor Height(s)- 0-32 Feet, Ground to Rig Floor (Can be changed to suit without modification)
Max. Reach Pipe Deck to Well Center - Horizontal Capacity- To suit rig requirement
Average Estimated Speed Range (5 6/8 DP)- 0.5 to 2 ft per second proportional
Required Hydraulic Supply- 3,000 psi, 40 GPM
DNV E101 Certification
CE Marked ATEX 2014 Zone 1
Compliance with UK HSE Offshore Information Sheet No 2/2013


Safe and Stable pick up of tubular handling - "not a dangler!"
Belt conveyor Protects and extends life of expensive Tubulars
Simple Innovation
Modular Design
Module Lifting weight can be reduced to suit platform crane.
Fits all types of drilling platforms
No modification to Drill Floor or Pipe Deck
Can be used on all well slots
Scissor table lifting multiple tubulars at once
Conveyor has Tubular Storage for up to 20,000 lbs weight.
Eliminates handling risks associated with conventional Catwalk activities.

Options available:

Hydraulic Power Unit- V2 HPU
Pipedeck pipe handling Package- – remove the requirement of pipehandling crane or frequent use of platform crane
Cold Temperature Package (below -200C)
Hot Temperature Package (above +400C)
Norsok Compliance